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"Meeting Rachel Hall through her women's circle, SheCircle, has been a transformative experience. Her multi-faceted approach to personal growth and well-being, including Rolfing bodywork and the Finally Thriving writing group, has had a profound impact on my life.

What sets Rachel apart is the unwavering trust she inspires. Her authenticity and commitment to helping individuals on their journey are truly remarkable. With Rachel, it's not just about her knowledge and skills; it's about her genuine desire to empower and uplift those she works with.

As a Rolfing client, I've experienced the incredible benefits of her bodywork. She has an innate understanding of the body and its connections to our overall well-being, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous.

Participating in her Finally Thriving writing group has been both cathartic and inspiring. Rachel creates a safe space for self-expression and self-discovery, and her guidance has been invaluable.

Rachel Hall is someone who knows her gifts and shares them generously. My body and spirit are undeniably better for having crossed paths with her. If you're looking for a guide who will not only help you improve physically but also nourish your soul, Rachel is the one. She's a true gem in the realm of holistic wellness and personal growth."

-Kimberly F.


"Rachel takes the title of "life coach" to a level beyond anything I've experienced. After years of the most expensive therapy and life coaching, Rachel gracefully honed in on the deepest inner conflicts holding me back and compassionately empowered me to move forward in practical, valuable ways to create a life that resonates with my true self. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to cultivate what truly matters in life."

-Margaret T.

"Finally Thriving writing group with Rachel has changed my life. I'm beginning to literally see how my brain is working through this writing. I'm feeling challenged and held at the same time. The questions she asks seem to get to the root of me and there is no doing it wrong which is the only reason I agreed to join this group in the first place. Thank you Rachel for your deep insight, careful words and kind encouragement."

-Melissa L.

“Rachel Hall is a lifesaver. She is a gifted with her hands. Because of my own work, my back is often extremely tense and out of whack. As soon as Rachel places her hands on me I feel my muscles begin to relax. I trust her to know where in my body I am having tightness and or pain. Her hands go directly to the places that need to be treated. Because of her rolfing skills, She has so much knowledge of the anatomy, but also incorporates those skills along with her intuition. She is the best, Any her shining personality makes it a joy to receive a treatment from her. I am a little like jelly when I leave her office, and feel much more calm and able to take a few deep breaths, relax, and smile. I am grateful to have found her.”

- Alexandra Wagner,

“When I met Rachel Hall I was in pretty bad shape. I had broken my back in a dumb teenager accident and almost 20 years later never properly healed. Then I contracted Lyme disease and the chronic fatigue, misxed with chronic back pain, left me exhausted and demoralized. Along with seeing a homeopath and Tai Chi, I did the classic 10 Rolfing sessions with Rachel and literally got my body back together. Rachel is both disciplined and sensitive to each individual’s body history. A genuine healer- highly recommended.”

- Addi Somek,

“Ten weeks ago I was not sick but neither was I well. I was submerged in a physical and mental malaise, worn out by life. My body, my posture, my gait, my attitude, my moods all reflected my interior state of defeat. How to break out of this vicious cycle? Having tried just about everything else (diet, exercise, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, herbs), I decided to give Rolfing a try. A friend of mine had gone through it with stellar results. Could it make a difference in me? Guardedly optimistic, I found Rachel’s name on the website and made an appointment.

     Fast-forward 10 weeks. I now stand upright and am balanced when I walk. My gait is strong, my head no longer hangs, I am no longer plagued by back and neck and headaches. I wake up energized in the morning, and have more energy throughout the day. Stress rolls off my back and I have no more need for afternoon naps. What a transformation! I cant remember ever being in better health. All just in ten weeks! Results like this can only come at the right hands. Rachel is not just a Rolfing practitioner; she was keenly aware of my state of being and worked with me to restore the natural balance of heart and body. This can only be accomplished at the hands of an experienced and truly gifted human.”

- Mark, Scientist, JPL

“Rachel helped me heal through an important transformative time in my life. She has a deeply healing touch, strong intuition, a gentle strength and knows exactly how to create a healing environment with her words, space and presence. I have told everyone in my life to go see her.”

- Jaime Nelson, Producer

“I have seen many healers and body workers in my 74 years. Rachel Hall’s work had a profound influence on my body and mind for the past 10 years. I have been pain free ever since and now I enjoy weekly massages and twice weekly yoga instruction. Her hands are incredibly sensitive to the tissue in my body and her overall body knowledge is superior to everyone I’ve worked with in the past. Rachel has my highest recommendation.”

- Mary Coquillard, Retired accountant


“A woman of integral knowledge and intuitive body wisdom, Rachel is a profound gift for all of us. My journey of depth and healing has been truly facilitated by her guided hands and I am beyond grateful for her loving support. I truly encourage all to experience her held space of transforming our physical self, especially those who are also infused in healing practices. She is one of the best.”

- Ciela Wynter, Yoga and spiritual teacher

“In addition to the great results I have personally gotten with Rachel I have also referred a number of clients to her for help with injuries or to correct postural problems. Rachel has always delivered great results with my clients and my clients always thank me for having sent them to her. I have found that the addition of structural integration with my personal training clients of an immense benefit in achieving the persons overall health and aesthetic goals. I would not let anyone else but Rachel work on me or my clients.”

- Guy La Brusciano, Trainer

“I started seeing Rachel because of a pinched nerve in my neck. I had tremendous neck pains and even numbness in my left shoulder and arm. Through a routine of massages and stretching she was able to completely alleviate the pain and eventually provide me complete movement of my neck where it was limited prior to her treatments. I have continued regularly with Rachel for over four years now. I find the routine provides me a focal point of relaxation and helps eliminate stress in many other areas of my life. Thanks Rachael – you’re the best!”

- Dave Hodgkin, Anchor Pacifica Group

“My trainer for many months had been coaxing me to get Rolfing sessions convincing me that it would help with a back injury I had several years ago. When I started training (working out) my trainer concentrated on strengthening my back by building muscle strength. After a year and a half of training I was at a point where my back gave me little problems but when I did have a back episode it was very uncomfortable. Still pushing me to see a Rolfer it took another back injury to see the light. Rachel was on the top of the list to call. We talk and I decided to give it and her a try. From the first day we interviewed through the entire Rolfing program I was very impressed by her knowledge, understanding of the body muscular structure and her professional yet sensitive approach to this process. I went the full program and through the weeks noticed my posture changing, muscles realigning to my needs without pain and overall feeling more energetic with less energy exertion. I found myself climbing hills with a lighter sprint, running on the treadmill at much, much longer periods of time and all with out the repercussion of pain in my back as I did earlier. It has been months since finishing the Rolfing program and yet today I still feel the great results I had received from Rolfing. Rachel is a pro and I wouldn’t consider using anyone else.”

- Norm Novitsky,

“Throughout my childhood and young adulthood, I was very disembodied. I would constantly run into things, and couldn’t dance to save my life. I was also in a great deal of chronic pain due to a condition called fibromyalgia. I did everything I could think of to rid myself of my pain, I went to chiropractors, took pain pills, went to yoga classes and got countless massages. These things would help in the moment, but as soon as I got off of the massage table, or the pills would wear off, the pain would be back in full force.

     Rachel is not only a Rolfer, she is a healer. I truly believe that we hold emotional tension in different parts of our bodies, and Rachel helped me to expel some of those pent up emotions.

     Before each session she has you stand in front of her and a mirror, and she looks at your body and which parts are out of alignment. After the session she does the same thing. It is truly amazing to see the difference that only one session can make. As the sessions went on, I could see and feel a major difference in my body. I actually looked taller! The best way that I can describe my Rolfing experience is that my whole life I felt like a guest in my body, and Rolfing allowed me to finally move in. I am now a much better dancer and feel more oriented in my environment. Not to mention, my pain is much more manageable. Whenever I feel out of whack, I just go back to Rachel for a tune up, and I am as good as new!”

 - Zoe Taylor, Actress

“I was a recreational drug user, turned addict for 14 years. In rehab I followed a daily schedule of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, bodywork, and spiritual reflection. Bodywork was and is a great part of my rehabilitation specifically Rolfing. Luckily for me I knew Rachel and a little bit about what she did prior to my recovery and after completing my 30 days at rehab I called her straight away. Wow! It blew me away. After each session a flood of emotions came running to the surface and a wonderful sense of weight being lifted off of me. Rachel guided me through with such genuine care and in fact a kind of love. Not only does she do the physical work, she is available to talk with you about all the emotions brought on by the Rolfing any time of the day. She obviously believes in what she does and again has a genuine quality about her that is unique and difficult to come across. I consider my self to be truly blessed to have such a powerful person on my team of recovery.”

- Anonymous

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