Mindful Coaching


This program works with individuals in developing a mindfulness practice.

Mindful living causes us to observe our lives from the point of view as the witness.  This will inevitably bring to sight the ways in which our unconscious patterns are causing us to be restless, depressed, anxious, or unhappy.  Mindfulness practice helps us guide the way to strengthening the parts of ourselves that are working well and brings efficiency and insight to the parts of us that need some adjusting.


In this coaching relationship participants will learn practices of meditation, compassion, as well as moment to moment mindfulness. 


Rachel specializes in the areas of:

  • relationships

  • relationship transition (break-up/ divorce)

  • parenting/pregnancy and becoming a mother

  • general crisis

  • life path discovery


Contact Rachel with further questions and to set up a 15 minute complimentary intro call.


*Coaching does not take the place of professional therapy, but can be a wonderful addition.

*Coaching happens over zoom.

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