Therapeutic Mindful Coaching



Being a human is hard.  Life shows up and gives us the full spectrum of experience. Regardless of who we are or where we have come from human-ing is an incredibly brave and challenging endeavor. 


Everybody need a little help sometimes.  To be seen, heard, witnessed, and deeply understood by another is one of life’s greatest gifts, and can often be the antidote through the obstacles in our path. 

Whether your obstacle is:

-intimate relationships 

-self reflection 

-familial relationships 

-relationship to your body (chronic pain, disordered eating, etc) 

-break-up or divorce



-grief and or loss  

-general depression and malaise 

Being seen, witnessed, and deeply understood is a step on the path to getting  over, under, or through that hurdle.


Rachel brings over 20 years of training in many different therapeutic modalities.  With a personal background in Theravadan Buddhism, and over 20 years as a Rolf Method practitioner, Rachel brings together mindfulness and working with pain in a unique way.  Pain, physical or emotional, comes to all of us in one way or another and Rachel is skilled in helping us to see how pain itself can be the very doorway into finding peace, compassion, understanding, and wisdom for your path.  


What Rachel offers to the Therapeutic Coaching experience is a steady, wise companion to walk through your obstacles with you guiding you towards a truer version of yourself.  Rachel uses many tools including deep listening, meditation, breath, visualization, body awareness, humor, and metaphor to illustrate how to walk through life challenging experiences.


Rachel has been trained at University of California Los Angeles Semel Instiute of Neural Science, and holds a BA in Human Development.  Rachel uses techniques from The Hakomi Method, Dr. Sue Johnson’s Hold me Tight Method, The Gottman Method, and a strong emphasis on mindfulness and body awareness to support guiding clients towards finding their highest truth and next right step.  

How it works:

To start Rachel will meet with you for an initial 90 minute session to learn about you and begin to get an understanding of what your current needs are.  This session is a deep dive for both client and practitioner to get to know each other and begin a to form a connection for the work that will take place.

After this initial session meetings will go down to one hour in length (unless specifically requested for longer).  After a few weekly sessions we will assess how often we need to meet.  The coaching relationship is very different than the traditional therapy relationship as it gives space for the client to really form it to exactly their need.

Still have more questions or concerns? Schedule a 20 minute intro call with Rachel to see if this will be a good fit. 


*Therapeutic Mindful Coaching does not take the place of psychiatric or psychological services, but can be a wonderful addition.

*Coaching happens over zoom.

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