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Rachel Hall has been working with people one on one, as an advocate and resource for healing since 1999.  She studied with Peter Melchior and Emmett Hutchins at The Guild for Structural Integration, in Hawaii and Colorado, and has been in private practice in Los Angeles as a Rolf Method practitioner and Therapeutic Coach since 2004.


Mindfulness has been a long time personal practice for Rachel and she has spent 20 years meditating, including many long weeks on retreat, in silence cultivating the ability to sit with her own pain and the pain of the world.  Rachel has studied with many different teachers both secular and Buddhist.


Rachel sees the body and the practice of mindfulness as a perfectly wedded couple, there is not one without the other. Coaching people into their own mindful way of living and addressing chronic pain is  the highlight of Rachel’s work. 

In 2015 Rachel became certified by the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Semmel Institute of Neuroscience to teach and facilitate Mindfulness.  In 2017 She created Mindful Youth Collaborative (MYC) which is a culmination of amazing people bringing their gifts together to work with youth, parents, and teachers.  MYC aims to educate students in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and mentorship.

Rachel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development, and has traveled extensively including Thailand, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Nepal where she studied ancient healing arts.  Along with travel, Rachel is a writer, a women's group facilitator, and her favorite role is being mom to her daughter Skylah.  


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