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The California Massage Therapy Council and Governor Newsom has said that we may begin to come back to work starting June 19, in the field of touching bodies.  There will be of course many protocols to follow, and also the reality that although California is reopening back up the covid numbers are reportedly rising. With this information my next steps will be slow, for the health and safety of all of us.


During this time I have had much to consider to open my doors safely and a couple big changes will be taking place.


  1. I have moved out of my office, and will be working out of my home, in Monrovia. I did this for a couple of reasons. A. Everything is up in the air these days from one day to the next, it’s hard to know what tomorrow will bring, in this new reality we are in. B. It doesn’t make sense to keep an empty office with what will soon be 4 months of not being able to see clients in person. Also working from home ensures my space is clean and feels more safe. This was a hard decision, but I believe the right one.

  2. The way that I practice is changing too. For the safety of all there will be very limited appointments available. Sessions will now be 90 minutes in length so that we can more deeply address your body’s needs. We see each other less often but our time together is longer. Session rate for 90 minutes is $225.


A few notes: 

This likely goes with out saying, but if you aren’t feeling well, stay home. As a support to all of us during this time I am easing my cancelation policy from 24 hrs to 4 hrs. Please take care of yourselves first. 

To make an appointment please contact me directly through text 626-533-6991 as for now  my online appointment system will be unavailable.



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