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To just “BE”

To organize later and be still now.

To drop below the buzzing seductive thoughts in my head deep into the lowest part of my abdomen, the holy grail of presence.

To be slow.

To connect to the subtler aspects of myself, and to tap into the nuance of life drumming it’s steady heartbeat. Plants breathing, my daughters voice singing, noticing the unspoken desires of my heart.

Connecting to nature. My nature, Eros.

Moments to ponder outside of the linear thinking of my day job mind. Intuitions that cruise through because they are noticed in sensation and not the repetition of thought.

Acceptance of life on life’s terms lives in the sweet surrender of stillness.

Stillness is the holy place I journey too. My church, my temple, my place of worship.

Stillness is not reliant on my circumstances, nor does it need anything to go it’s way.

Stillness as witness ➡️

witness as nonjudgmental observer ➡️

nonjudgmental observer as actual peace.

The prayer that connects me to all things.

The fertile ground for gratitude.

THE door to the temple.

For me stillness is feeling God.

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